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Every business is experiencing the challenge to deliver goods and services in the fastest possible way, for the most affordable price, within the highest quality standards. To cope with this challenge we use the information to understand market needs, customer requirements and product features. We create digital twins of our manufacturing plants, modelling the best way to operate and following the ideas of Industry 4.0. We use more and more IoT – gadgets, equipment and manufacturing lines connected to the Internet. We use bots and systems to serve customers, speed-up production and automate delivery. We even use information systems to plan our day. We live in a world of information-driven economy. Digital reality gives all of us a very clear competitive advantage, but by its nature creates many risks which need careful management as well.

Our Services

GDPR services/Data Privacy services
GDPR Worryless Data Privacy Officer (DPO) as a Servicemanaged serviceVSC-DPO-S
Easy GDPR Readiness Assessment Auditproject serviceVSC-GDPR-A
Cyber Security Services
Cyber Security Audit Bundleproject serviceVSC-RKS-A
Cyber Security Managed Information Protection Servicemanaged serviceVSC-RKS-S
New Integrated Cyber-Physical Security Auditproject serviceVSC-PS-A
CyberSecure Constructionproject serviceVSC-CSC-A
Industry 4.0 Cyber Security Resilience Auditproject serviceVSC-I4.0-A
ResisTest – Cyber Security Red Team Exerciseproject serviceVSC-RT-A
Information System Penetration Testing Serviceproject serviceVSC-PT-A
Cyber Security Incident Handling Serviceproject serviceVSC-IH-A
Digital Forensics Serviceproject serviceVSC-DF-A
VORAS Consulting® Cyber Security Panic Buttonmanaged serviceVSC-PB-S
Training Services
CyberSecurity Awareness Trainings and Testing as a Servicemanaged serviceVSC-SATT-T
Advanced Cyber Security Trainings for Cyber Security Expert Practitionersmanaged serviceVSC-SSTE-T
ISO Management System Services
ISO/IEC20000-1 Requirements Based Service Management System Guaranteed Certification Readiness Serviceproject serviceVSC-ISO20K-I
ISO9001 Requirements Based Quality Management System Guaranteed Certification Readiness Serviceproject serviceVSC-ISO9K-I
ISO 22301 Requirements Based Business Continuity Management System Guaranteed Certification Readiness Serviceproject serviceVSC-ISO22301-I
ISO/IEC27001 Requirements Based Information Security Management System Guaranteed Certification Readiness Serviceproject serviceVSC-ISO27K-I
Tools and Software
Advanced VORAS Consulting® Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Systemmanaged serviceVSC-eGRC-S
Industry Specific Services
CISO as a Service for Financial Institutionsmanaged serviceVSC-CISO-FIN-S
DPO as a Service for Financial Institutionsmanaged serviceVSC-DPO-FIN-S
ISO/IEC27001 for Automotivesproject serviceVSC-ISO27K-AUTO-I
Ultimate Business Operations and Information Protection System for Aviationmanaged serviceVSC-RKS-AVIA-S
Integrated ISO/IEC27001 and ISO/IEC20000-1 Management System for Internal IT Departments or IT Service Providersproject serviceVSC-IMS-IT-S
Software Security Assurance for IT Software Developersproject serviceVSC-SS-IT-DEV-S
Critical Business Operations and Information Protection System for Nuclear Power Facilitiesmanaged serviceVSC-RKS-NUK-S
Business Resilience and Information Protection Assurance for Defence and Intelligence Organizationsmanaged serviceVSC-RKS-DEF-S

The Stats – Cyber Security Breaches

On average, every 14 seconds a company is being attacked by hackers. Information is encrypted and made useless, unless decrypted by special software provided by the hackers after the ransom is paid. One cannot use e-mail, does not know what to do next because day plan is encrypted as well, production stops, marketing stops and sales operations stop.

Examples of Cyber Security Breaches

Industry/Company/LocationValues and Damage scalePeriod of attack
Public-sector organisations /Port of San Diego/US 2018$30 million Direct costs – plus any ransoms paid
$8 billion economic impact on the San Diego region
30 months
Airline/Cathay Pacific 2018Has been hacked and some 9.4 million customers may have had their most personal data stolenOver 6 months
Tesco Bank 2018£2.5m to reimburse the 20,000
£16.4 fine for data breach
Unknown/not disclosed

The Scale of Cyber Breaches

In 2015 alone cyber-criminals caused more than
£3 Trillion in losses worldwide
– something close to the UK’s GDP in 2018. By 2021 it is expected that these losses will reach £6 Trillion – something UK and Germany mutually predict (source: Cybersecurity Ventures Official Annual Cybercrime Report).

Cyber Threat Reality – A Preventative Strategy is the Best Approach

It is no longer a question of whether your business will be attacked or not; it is more a question of how you will respond when it happens and what can be done to minimise negative outcomes.
Practice shows that preventing cyber-attacks is more than 10 times less expensive than dealing with the consequences of an attack. You might recognise that the same approach in healthcare or finance is true too.

Stakeholders Affected by Cyber Risks

  • Directors
  • Customers
  • Shareholders/Stakeholders
  • Investors
  • Staff
  • Suppliers
  • Supply chains

Why Choose a Managed Service?

Managing cyber security risks can be expensive and often difficult to achieve, due to the skills and resources needed to implement, maintain and retain control of the IT environments which become cyber-attack targets.
Cyber security management requires a mature team of specialists familiar with, and maintaining knowledge in, the techniques used to gain access to networks and make ransom attacks.
Our managed service is offered as a standalone or as the natural next stage following a security and requirements audit.

How our Managed Cyber Security Service Works

Our managed service is typically deployed over 3 to 6 months (depending on the scale and number of locations). We create a project plan and assign the team. We complete an audit, which will identify items to be verified (all owned and BYOD equipment are verified separately) on the network, and we then install and roll out a monitoring and management framework. Vulnerabilities and issues identified from the audit process will be escalated immediately based on the risk levels. Once the Cyber Security Managed Service is implemented, your organisation is protected with an optimal approach to the risks and effects from cyber-attacks.

We agree reporting, management and escalation levels, and complete monthly status briefings. We are available 24/7, and your organization is protected by an insurance-backed cyber security service.


The Cyber Security Guarantee

With our Managed Cyber Security Service backed by your choice of insurance levels, you have the ability to turn unknown cyber security risks and effects into a fixed cost-to-risk management. This means that, in the event you suffer cyber security issues, you have a guaranteed, financially backed, technical solution to fight your cause and fund the cost required up to the limits you select, from £250,000 to £1m or higher as required.

Additional Benefits of our Managed Cyber Security Service

  • Once we have completed your Cyber Security Service implementation, you then have the key building blocks to apply for ISO 27001
  • We can assist you in your application for ISO certification
  • We are also able to extend our service and include IT NOC support with any break-fix being completed by you locally

What is the Right Approach to Cyber Threats?

  • Assume attacks will be made
  • Protect against human failings
  • React quickly to threat risks
  • Complete a thorough security audit and repeat checks
  • Build your own security centre of excellence, or better still use a managed cyber security service
  • Seek ISO 27001 as a means of achieved and endorsed data security standard


Our Security solutions have been developed from a cyber-security company operating for almost 30 years, and they are based on methods that are used by many of the Fortune 500 companies.

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