ISO 27001

  • Information security incident management for government institutions (ensuring regulatory compliance)
  • Compliance with different legal acts governing information security, security standards, such as SoX, PCI, DSS, etc
  • Vulnerability testing


  • Data leakage prevention
  • Solutions for information security event and incident registration management
  • Data backup, redundancy and accessibility solutions
  • Computer network protection
  • Work place security
  • Mobile device protection
  • GDPR

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Ultimate Cyber-Attacks Detection Solution

If you would like to overcome the unknown, recognize cyber threats immediately and act upon them quickly, here is an offer of Security Incident and Event Management solution, based on industry leading IBM® QRadar® technology on Cloud.

With this solution, you will be able to know on time when you are under the attack and handle it with minimal losses. All the significant harm caused by attempted attack will be prevented and you will easily rest knowing that your business information is 100% under control.


  • Collecting information about security related events in company’s information systems, computer networks and workstations.
  • Online access to Ultimate Cyber-Attacks Detection Solution based on IBM® QRadar® SIEM.
  • Continuous monitoring of security events and their sequence, their analysis and correlation looking for known threats, vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Automated 24x7x365 response to detected information security incidents.
  • Consultations about detected information security incidents and assistance in solving them.


You will be able to:

  • Know the real-time situation of your IT infrastructure.
  • Prevent breaches to your company’s information resources.
  • Quickly comply with security requirements.


In addition, you will receive these benefits FREE of charge:

  • External penetration testing of your IT infrastructure in scope of Ultimate Cyber-Attacks Detection Solution (more than 5000€ in value).
  • Initial consultation on security improvement based on Ultimate Cyber-Attacks Detection Solution results (more than 8000€ in value).


Please contact us for the initial sizing and pricing information.

This security investment starts from 950€ per month (VAT excluded). It is usually less than 2500€ per month (VAT excluded).

Since the number of highly skilled people is limited we will be able to serve only the first 10 customers.


On-time guaranty – we will implement Ultimate Cyber-Attacks Detection Solution as agreed, guaranteed.


CLICK HERE and we will contact you ASAP to discuss details of the implementation.


VORAS Consulting® is in the information security field since 2009. Cyber-security is something we practically breathe. Our team constantly follows industry trends and improves their knowledge.

We offer you an Ultimate Cyber-Attacks Detection Solution, which will help you to overcome the unknown situations in your information security management. You will be able to recognize possible attacks and use analytics to eliminate possible threats. This solution is simple for deploying and will save your money.

Using Ultimate Cyber-Attacks Detection Solution will allow you to know when you are under the attack on time and handle it with minimal losses. Significant harm caused by attempted attack will be prevented. You will be able to rest easily knowing that your business information is totally under control.