Cyber-Security Red Team Exercise

Lifelike and eye-opening Red Team exercise, which will help you to understand your business resilience level and real ability to withstand a targeted attack. Only the company name is known to the Red Team before the test

Service Options

Project-Based Service Options

Offered as a project-based service

Managed Service Options

Offered as a managed-based service

Additional and Upgraded Services

Ultimate Cyber-Security Managed Service VSC-RKS-S
ISO Support Certification
Cyber-Security Programme

Service Features

Red Team exercise where only company name is known beforehand.
The exercise might include:

  • Social engineering attack attempts
  • Cyber-security attack attempts
  • Physical security attack attempts
  • No actual harm is intended, but tests actual readiness to respond to real attacks

What We Offer

ResisTest report containing description of the testing scenarios, findings and action items.

Our Guarantee

After the findings are closed we can give financial guarantees of up to 10M EUR or more.

How It Works

We agree on the scope of testing — such as what is considered to be a target, scope limits, stop-points — then we gather intelligence about your company, decide on the best strategy, perform attacks and prepare the report. The tests are performed in capture-the-flag (CTF) format.
We base our service on these internationally recognised standards and methods:

  • ISO/IEC27000 family of standards
  • ISO20000-1 standard
  • ISO/IEC22301
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO31000
  • ISO29100
  • ISO38000
  • ITIL
  • ISACA standards
  • ISSA standards
  • ISF standards
  • Offensive security standards
  • NLP
  • and others

Associated Benefits

Know exactly where the weakest areas in your organisation are and prepare an action plan to improve the situation

Price and Purchase Options

Price starts from €30.000
Project-type managed service (subscription also available), 1, 2 and 3 year contracts available, including several tests

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