Cyber-Physical Security Audit: cyber and physical security integration

Cyber-Physical Security Audit, covering the most important areas you need to protect in order to ensure your building’s resilience

Service Options

Project-Based Service Options

Offered as a project-based service

Managed Service Options

Offered as a managed-based service

Additional and Upgraded Services

Ultimate Cyber Security Managed Service VSC-RKS-S
ISO Support Certification
Cyber-Security Programme

Service Features

  • Assessment of building zoning practices
  • CyberSecure assessment of HVAC systems
  • CyberSecure assessment of power supply systems
  • CyberSecure assessment of elevators
  • CyberSecure assessment of Industry Control Systems / SCADA / IoT
  • CyberSecure assessment of access control systems
  • CyberSecure assessment of video surveillance
  • CyberSecure assessment of secure cabling systems
  • CyberSecure assessment of fire protection systems
  • CyberSecure assessment of protection from electromagnetical impact
  • CyberSecure assessment of safes, locks
  • Preparation of balanced physical security architecture
  • Creation of 3D model of the facility

What We Offer

Blueprints for cyber-security improvement covering these areas:
HVAC systems
Power supply systems
Access control systems
CCTV and video surveillance solutions
Secure cabling
Fire protection systems
Protectino from electromagnetical impact
Safes, locks
3D model of the facility

Our Guarantee

Financial guarantee starting from €250.000 up to €10M and more

How It Works

Typically completed over 1-3 months.
We base our service on these internationally recognised standards and methods:

  • ISO/IEC27000 family of standards
  • ISO20000-1 standard
  • ISO/IEC22301
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO31000
  • ISO29100
  • ISO38000
  • ITIL
  • ISACA standards
  • ISSA standards
  • ISF standards
  • Offensive security standards
  • NLP
  • and others

Associated Benefits

Know exactly where the weakest cyber-physical security links in your building are, and what to do next to protect it

Price and Purchase Options

Assessments starting from €15.000
Project-type service
Project-type, managed service (also available on subscription), 1, 2 and 3 year contracts available

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