Mindaugas Pranckevicius, CEO, UAB Baltnetos Komunikacijos

“We applied for help to the experts of VORAS Consulting as our “life-savers”, when our first ISO 20000 consultants failed to manage the project. Carefulness, speed of execution, and lack of empty promises and mere words individualized VORAS Consulting’s work. Working well together with the team of our managers, they were as regular as clock-work; a week before certification, the work was completely done and we were all ready for it. While preparing for ISO 27000 certification, we again decided in favour of VORAS Consulting as our business partner because the company had already shown itself to good advantage during the previously conducted ISO 20000 certification. We had no experience in the sphere of implementation of ISO 27000 and, thus, the role of consultants as strategic advisors and experts in this matter was of utmost importance for us. The implementation project was executed smoothly; the staff took the newly proposed order of work as a rational proposal; the certification process was completed even half a year earlier than it was scheduled. In future, we will definitely choose VORAS Consulting. I will certainly recommend VORAS Consulting to others.”