Cyber-security awareness training and testing as a service

Service Options

Project-Based Service Options

Offered as a project-based service

Managed Service Options

Offered as a managed-based service

Additional and Upgraded Services

Ultimate Cyber-Security Managed Service VSC-RKS-S
Cyber-Security Programme
Cyber Secure Construction

Service Features

  • Baseline information security awareness testing
  • Ongoing web-based training adapted to individual test results
  • Continuous awareness knowledge tests
  • Content languages: EN, LT, LV, EE, RU, DE

What We Offer

Ongoing digital cyber-security awareness training for every digital employee
Ongoing digital cyber-security knowledge tests

Our Guarantee

All employees will be cyber-security tested during the year and an individual programme will be passed

How It Works

Each digital employee (an employee working with a computer or other digital equipment) will receive access to the platform and will need to a pass baseline cyber-security test. Once the test is completed adequately, then the cyber-security training is selected and an individual cyber-security awareness programme is prepared for each digital employee, which they’ll need to follow. Regular cyber-security awareness tests (like spear-physhing) are performed in order to identify the employees real level of awareness, and then the training programme can be adapted as needed.
We base our service on these internationally recognised standards and methods:

  • ISO/IEC27000 family of standards
  • ISO20000-1 standard
  • ISO/IEC22301
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO31000
  • ISO29100
  • ISO38000
  • ITIL
  • ISACA standards
  • ISSA standards
  • ISF standards
  • Offensive security standards
  • NLP
  • and others

Associated Benefits

Ongoing cyber-security training for new-hires and existing employees, including regular knowledge testing

Price and Purchase Options

Starts from €9 per digital employee for one year
Managed service, 1, 2 and 3 year contracts available

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