Cyber Security Awareness Trainings And Testing As A Service

Service Options

Project-Based Service Options

Offered as a project-based service

Managed Service Options

Offered as a managed-based service

Additional and Upgraded Services

Ultimate Cyber-Security Managed Service VSC-RKS-S
Cyber-Security programme
Cyber Secure Construction

Service Features

  • Baseline information security awareness testing
  • Ongoing web-based training adapted on individual test results
  • Continuous awareness knowledge tests
  • Content languages: EN, LT, LV, EE, RU, DE

What We Offer

Ongoing digital cyber-security awareness training for every digital employee
Ongoing digital cyber-security knowledge tests

Our Guarantee

All employees will be cyber-security tested during the year and an individual programme will be passed

How It Works

Each digital employee (an employee working with a computer or other digital equipment) receives access to the platform and needs to a pass baseline cyber-security test. Once the test is completed adequately, cyber-security training is selected and an individual cyber-security awareness programme is prepared for each digital employee, which they’ll need to follow. Regular cyber-security awareness tests (like spear-physhing) are performed to identify the real level of awareness, and the training programme could be changed as needed.
We base our service on these internationally recognised standards and methods:

  • ISO/IEC27000 family of standards
  • ISO20000-1 standard
  • ISO/IEC22301
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO31000
  • ISO29100
  • ISO38000
  • ITIL
  • ISACA standards
  • ISSA standards
  • ISF standards
  • Offensive security standards
  • NLP
  • and others

Associated Benefits

Ongoing cyber-security training for new-hires and existing employees, including regular knowledge testing

Price and Purchase Options

Starts from €9 per digital employee for one year
Managed service, min 1 year contract, could be 2, 3 years

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