IT is the backbone of any modern enterprise, whose main functions involve communication, and the official services sanctioned and approved to do business – whatever that business may be. IT defines the network perimeter, communication flows, availability, accessibility, and performance. IT functions are a Venn diagram overlapping many of the functions in Security, who want to keep the company from getting hacked. Security’s main foci have been defining identity and access mechanisms into the network, endpoint security controls, security training, and monitoring the network for incidents as well as the follow-up investigations of events as they occur.

Business units, on the other hand, tend not to concentrate on any of these core hardware/software competencies. Sales and Marketing are all about creating need and driving adoption of the business product, working out partnerships and new routes to market, creating and sharing content, and keeping the revenue stream intact which keeps the lights on for the organization. Development and Engineering are also devoted to creating the output for that organization, be it manufacturing, advising, or the services provided to end-users. Their functional requirements are set for what the market needs.

Ultimately IT, security, and the business units are working to ensure the success of the company through efficiency, ability to be responsive to business needs, and the protection of vital corporate assets.  Cloud is enabling business to move faster than ever before, so fast that sometimes it’s outpacing IT’s ability to maintain security and compliance.