Instead of traditional Christmas songs and holiday tunes like Jingle Bells, I imagine U.S. based cloud hosting provider, Data Resolution, was singing a very different tune on December 24, 2018. The most appropriate would be the Rolling Stones’ song, Get Off My Cloud! That fateful night, this California company that serves as many as 30,000 businesses worldwide was hit by the Ryuk ransomware, the same malware strain that also disabled several major U.S. newspapers during the same time period.

Allegedly, the Ryuk ransomware was created by the North Korean regime and it came to rise as one of the most profitable during the first half of August 2018. According to, the Data Resolution “infection started to occur due to an unauthorized access using a previously unknown login credential.”

It appears that cloud computing companies are now the primary targets of malware/ransomware attacks. The reason is that most often, the users of cloud computing companies like Data Resources, typically are small and medium businesses and malware infestation is more damaging to these types of businesses. Once infected, the malware directly interacts with critical user data. Most of the companies that employ the services of cloud hosting providers have smaller IT budgets which do not meet basic cybersecurity defense requirements. They depend on the security of the provider.

Cybersecurity services continue to rise in importance for businesses of every size. It must be a top priority in today’s global digital landscape. Is your business prepared to survive and thrive despite the barrage of cyberattacks? We are passionate about your information security program. We work with businesses of all sizes from government and military to high-tech firms, retail and manufacturing. Please feel free to contact VORAS Consulting if you need confidential consultations to make the move towards the most secure business


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