We’ve all done it without realizing it. We type a web address into our browser address line and hit ‘return’ only to be confused when something we weren’t expecting appears on the screen. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to discover the mistake which is often missing the ‘o’ in the .com part of the address.

This seemingly innocent mistake, whether made on your home or office computer can be very costly. In fact, according to Krebsonsecurity.com, simply omitting the ‘o’ in com, your computer, “will be bombarded with malware alerts and other misleading messages — potentially even causing your computer to lock up completely. As it happens, many of these domains appear tied to a marketing company whose CEO is a convicted felon and once self-proclaimed ‘Spam King’.”


It has been fairly common knowledge for many years that misspelled domain names are as one blogger states, “a method for targeted attacks to redirect legitimate traffic to sites that attempt to infect them. These domains are also heavily used by advertisers, and groups who seek to funnel unsuspecting web users aka leads to an advertisement.” https://blog.infostruction.com/2018/03/21/wrong-spelling-brand-name-hijack/

Spelling isn’t always easy, especially when working with a language that is not your native tongue. This is why spammers and other criminals take advantage of the situation in the virtual cyber world where anything goes.

If you navigate to sites that store your personal and financial information you want to be especially careful. In fact, it’s a good idea to bookmark those sites and avoid directly navigating to them.

Krebsonsecurity.Com has a smart recommendation. ”If your security or antivirus software allows you to block all Web sites in a given top-level domain, it might not be a bad idea to block anything coming out of dot-cm (the country code top-level domain for Cameroon): A report published in December 2009 by McAfee found that .cm was the riskiest domain in the world, with 36.7% of the sites posing a security risk to PCs.” https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/03/omitting-the-o-in-com-could-be-costly/


It may not sound like a huge cybersecurity issue, but the cybercriminals begin in the most unsuspecting places.  Take every precaution at home and at the office.

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