Some of the names given to the weapons of cyberwarfare are pretty nasty and are clearly an indication of the damage they can inflict. We’ve seen the effects of ‘Olympic Destroyer’ on the 2018 Winter Olympics network and the effects of ‘Bad Rabbit’ across Europe. The less graphically named ‘NotPetya’ and ‘OilRig’ attacks were pretty disruptive too.

All indications are pointing to increasing attacks and the birth of more destructive cyber weapons as we watch political discord brewing. There appears to be tension between the U.S. and Russia, Iran, North Korea and China. According to an article posted at, “Experts say the Trump administration’s recent sanctions and deportation of Russian diplomats residing in the US will likely precipitate more aggressive responses in the form of Russian hacking operations. And some of those could be crafted to appear as the handiwork of other nation-state actors.”

Gearing Up

Around the globe, security experts are gearing up for what is expected to be even more aggressive and damaging attacks in the near-term, “including crafted false flag operations.”

As the article states, “Security experts worry that Russia will continue to ratchet up more aggressive cyberattacks against the US – likely posing as other nations and attack groups for plausible deniability – especially given the success of recent destructive attack campaigns like NotPetya. Not to mention the successful chaos caused by Russia’s election-meddling operation during the 2016 US presidential election.”

Throughout the cybersecurity industry, it is believed that two US companies, Merck and Federal Express, were “collateral damage from the NotPetya attack Russia forged last year against Ukrainian targets, posing as a ransomware attack but instead wiping data from hard drives at infected sites.”

You Can’t Stop The Attacks

As long as we continue to conduct business digitally, there will be more and more cyberattacks. This is not a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Everyone must become aware that this is a new type of warfare and everyone must be prepared to protect themselves to the best of their abilities and budgets. To that end the GDPR has established rules for protecting the valuable personal and financial information that companies keep on their clients.

While companies and governments are gearing up to protect themselves against invisible cyberwarfare attacks, don’t forget that the GDPR deadline is less than a month away. You must be prepared for that imminent deadline as well, which is the first line of defense in protecting your company and your customers’ valuable information. The GDPR may not stop cyberattacks but being in compliance with the ruling will keep you from getting fined.

If you are not yet GDPR compliant, don’t put it off a moment longer. Call our offices to set up a consultation. We now offer the most advanced level of cyber security, the new EUgrc Compliance Suite (

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