The month of October has been designated as Cyber Security Awareness Month. It first began in the U.S, with Europe following and is now an Internationally recognized effort to raise awareness to keep citizens safer and more secure online. This year, coming on the heels of the massive Equifax breach, which affected 143 million Americans and several million individuals throughout the UK, you would think everyone would be aware of the need for greater safety.

Unfortunately some sources are reporting that individual awareness is not making people take action to protect their information despite the dedicated efforts by industry leaders to keep citizens safer and more secure online.

According to a recent article at, “Most Americans are sitting ducks for fraud these days after repeated breaches of sensitive data from stores, websites and even a credit-reporting company. Yet few people are doing anything to protect themselves.” The article continues stating, “Only about 61 million Americans — just over a quarter of all consumers — checked their credit score or credit report in the two weeks immediately following the Equifax data breach, according to a recent report.” And finally and most surprising at least to someone in the cyber security industry, the article says, “Seventy-one million adults said they hadn’t heard anything at all about the data leak even though Equifax’s hack affected as many as 145 million people, including personal information such as Social Security numbers, names and birth dates. That number amounts to more than half the U.S. adult population.”


With the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline approaching, hopefully our citizens are more action oriented and therefore less vulnerable to attack. With the continued efforts of those involved in promoting cyber security on an international level one day we can hope that all the concerted efforts will pay off for us instead of continuing to result in huge payoffs for the cyber criminals.

Cyber security must be the number one priority of any company that does business internationally whether small, medium or large. If your business is not yet compliant with the GDPR, call our offices for a free consultation. The deadline for compliance will be here before you know it.



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