Cyber Security is at the forefront of every corporate leader and business owner ‘s mind. More than 317 million new pieces of malware, computer viruses or other malicious software were created last year. That means nearly one million new threats were released each day. According to IBM research, “security teams sift through more than 200,000 security events per day on average leading to 20,000 hours per year wasted chasing false positives.” (

The threats become more sophisticated as our digital activities continue to expand to every aspect of life and business. As a business owner this level of threat can be debilitating.

Companies are in business to create products and provide services. While addressing cyber security threats and fixing cyber security breaches is becoming more and more commonplace, it is not what most people go into business to address. However, today the statistics insist that every business become proficient in cyber security.

Five out of six large companies were targeted by cybercriminals last year. That’s a 40% rise from the previous year. In nearly 90% of cases, hackers relied on computer bugs that have been around since 2002. When hackers release a wave of malware-laced spam emails, it only takes 82 seconds for someone to get duped and become the first victim. And when hackers successfully break into a particular type of company — like a bank or movie studio — they’ll use the same method to attack another firm in that industry within 24-hours.

The third most popular option for hackers is a glitch in the way an IT manager remotely manages corporate PCs — one that’s existed since 1999. Most companies simply don’t have the manpower or time to keep up with the threats.

Enter AI IBM Watson for Cyber Security

IBM Watson for Cyber Security can help your IT team save valuable time by uncovering cyber threats up to 50% faster than other security systems currently available. Artificial Intelligence (AI) appears to be the only way to keep up with the burgeoning cyber threats and outrun the cyber criminals. AI is the future and IBM Watson for Cyber Security is ahead of its time. IBM Watson for Cyber Security uses technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, which is being trained to understand the language of security.

Among a host of other sophisticated functionalities, IBM Watson is able to discover and classify sensitive data – and uncover compliance risks – automatically. In addition, the system will know who is accessing data, spot anomalies, and stop data loss with data activity monitoring across files, databases, Hadoop distributions, NoSQL platforms, and more.


IT Teams Reason and Learn in Real Time

The new IBM Watson Cyber Security platform makes it possible for IT teams to reason, learn and provide context in real time beyond simple analytics patterns. With this type of collective insight, security analysts can respond to threats with increased speed, accuracy and confidence.

VORAS Consulting is partnered with IBM and can provide the new Watson Cyber Security System. Cyber criminals are working around the clock to steal valuable data no matter what industry you’re in. Whether you are part of a government institution, banking, hi-tech, manufacturing or retail, your data is fair game. With Watson guarding your data you’ll be well armed to fend off attacks.




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