Cyber-security is on every company’s top priority list. And, it’s no wonder with threats and attacks coming from every conceivable direction and some that are inconceivable. Some organizations are seeing more than 200,000 security events on a daily basis. The threat to data is overwhelming even the most skilled professionals.

IBM has recently introduced Watson for cyber security technology. According to Security Intelligence, “This new platform embeds Watson for Cyber Security’s unique ability to understand, reason and learn about security topics and threats. By tapping into and making sense of structured and unstructured security knowledge that has previously been elusive to an organization’s SOC (including imprecise human language contained in blogs, articles, reports), it augments a security analyst’s ability to fill gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy.” (

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of cyber security and Watson is ahead of its time. The new IBM Watson Cyber Security platform makes it possible for IT teams to reason, learn and provide context in real time beyond simple analytics patterns. With this type of collective insight, security analysts can respond to threats with increased speed, accuracy and confidence.


VORAS Consulting is partnered with IBM and can provide the new Watson Cyber Security System. Cyber criminals are working around the clock to steal valuable data no matter what industry you’re in. Whether you are part of a government institution, banking, hi-tech, manufacturing or retail, your data is fair game. With Watson guarding your data you’ll be well armed to fend off attacks.




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